WANTED ! - Dead or Alive...

Space Invaders Taito originals or clones, complete machines or parts, PCBs etc. Non-working project machines preferred due to limited funds but anything considered within reasonable price and distance limitations.

Any 'Bronze Age' pre-CPU (TTL based) video arcade games such as PONG - originals or clones such as Aunger Squash, Atari Stunt Cycle, Taito Speed Race etc. Complete machines, non-working, PCBs or parts...

Non-working arcade PCBs complete, repairable or even incomplete for parts, from any era but especially earlier, pre-JAMMA titles 1970s - early 1980s.

- Always looking to save any unwanted arcade machines or related parts from land fill, donations of any salvageable machines or parts gratefully accepted within limitations of distance and available space.

WANTED ! - Dead or Alive...

Based in N.S.W. Australia, West of Sydney - use the contact email address below to get in touch. Thanks, John.

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