Arcade Machine Repairs

I've been asked to repair a couple of original arcade machines so I'll document their progress here. I'm reluctant to take on too many of these repairs at once due to limited space and time. As we know such repairs can be VERY time consuming so I'll stick with machines which I can approach with some confidence and hopefully provide a successful result within a reasonable time frame.

At this stage I'm only looking to service and repair the machine electronics, leaving any cabinet restoration tasks to the owner once the machine is repaired and fully functional. Machines or game boards which I'm most likely to consider taking on include ones which are the same or similar to those which I've already researched, repaired and possibly have existing test setups for, such as:

Pong and Pong clones such as Mirco Challenge, Space Invaders and Invader style games e.g. Space Fever, Missile Command and similar Atari PCBs like Centipede, Exerion and other pre-JAMMA titles such as Moon Patrol. So here we go!

Space Fever (B&W) cocktail by Nintendo

Moon Patrol by Irem, Hankin cocktail

Chase H.Q. by Taito, Lowboy Cabinet

Space Invaders (B&W) Upright by Taito

Arcade Repair Service

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