Arcade PCB repairs

Repairing original Arcade PCBs can be both challenging and rewarding. Although the earlier games used simpler technology there are a host of other issues from lack of documentation and availability of obsolete parts through to corrosion and a chequered history of 'quick fix' repairs by operators whose priority was to keep their money-making machines in service during their brief commercial lifespan.

In their day these circuits were at the leading edge of technology, way ahead of any devices available for home use and in the process of repairing and fault tracing it's fascinating to learn some of the 'tricks' which were employed by the engineers and programmers to advance the performance of their games, utilising the limited hardware available at the time.

Missile Command by Atari

Space Invaders Colour by Taito

Challenge (Pong clone) by Mirco Games

Exerion by Jaleco PCB #1

Exerion by Jaleco PCB #2

Space Fever (B&W) by Nintendo

Space Invaders (B&W) by Taito

Chase H.Q. by Taito PCB #1

Chase H.Q. by Taito PCB #2

Shuttle Invader (B&W) by Omori

Moon Patrol by Irem PCB #1

Space Firebird by Nintendo

Arcade PCB repairs

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